About us

Cultural Center of Zrenjanin (KCZR) was founded in 1978. under the name of “Dom mladosti”. During the 36 years of its еxistence, various cultural, educational and entertainment programs have been organized. The main activities of the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin are taking place within: theatre, movie, children's programs, debates, music and exhibition programs. Also, its self production and publishing activity make an important issue.

Cultural Center of Zrenjanin is a public institution founded by The City Of Zrenjanin, which organizes programs designed for all ages and social categories. Our mission is the development, promotion and raising the general level of culture in the local community, meeting the cultural needs of all citizens, fostering multiculturalism, creating an environment for the development of alternative and avant-garde cultural practices and artistic pursuit of marginal groups. Our activities are based on the belief that culture must be a matter of public concern. It shouldn’t be left to the whims of the market and entirely to the private initiative. The existence of institutions which provide possibility of expressing the creativity of citizens and access to cultural goods is essential for cultural identity and quality of life in the city, as a civilized democratic environment. An important segment of the work of KCZR is cooperation and programs exchange with other cultural institutions and civil society organizations in Zrenjanin, as well as institutions from all over Serbia, the region and beyond.

The uniqueness of KCZR lies in its versatility and presentation of cultural creativity not presented in other cultural institutions. We strive to present the works of established artists, and also to provide public service and infrastructure for cultural creativity for all.

There are 32 employees in The Cultural Center of Zrenjanin. Our organizational structure consists of: an editing, marketing, technical, accounting, security, hygiene sector and catering facilities.

The building is 5,000 m² large. It was built in 1978. and has not been renovated ever since, except for The Large Hall with 650 seats, the unique hall in The Central Banat County, used for different types of programs (theater, music, film...). The Chamber Hall is used by The Ballet School; The Small Hall with the capacity of 50 visitors is intended for Debate, a film program and various workshops; The Entering Hall is also the space used for exhibitions; The Music Club and cafe, with the capacity of 100 visitors, is used for concerts and educational programs; The Studio - dance hall and The Summer Scene (amphitheater) with 400 seats is used for the implementation of various programs. A part of the building is used by Radio Zrenjanin.

Our institution is technically equipped for the realization of different types of programs, but the technique is relatively outdated. We have a sound system, lighting, projectors for broadcasting 35mm film, 2 video links, the mobile stage. Each office is equipped with networked computers. We posses two vehicles.

Due to the fact that Zrenjanin has its own theater, our theater program aims to complement the theater offers. The capacity of our Large Hall is twice bigger than the one in The City Theatre. Therefore, it offers the possibility of successful realization of commercial programs, such as hosting theaters from other cities. We also organize visits to the theaters in Belgrade and Novi Sad. In this manner, the Zrenjanin audience has the chance to consume the attractive performances and theater festivals.

The program for the youngest population is realized in cooperation with elementary and secondary schools and the Center for Creative Growth And Multiculturalism (CEKOM), with the primary task of creating new cultural audience. In 2013, we launched two quiz competitions, designed for students in higher grades of primary school and pre-school children. An initiative to open The Youth Club in The Cultural Centre Café is one of our realized ideas. Within our Institution works and performs The City Children's Choir.

Cultural Center of Zrenjanin is the only institution in the city that constantly prepares and implements programs of different genres of music. Concerts of classical music are also presented in the Baroque Hall, in the building of The City Hall. Implementation and the quality of this type of program is determined by the available budget. We strive to promote youth creativity of Zrenjanin musicians in various music genres.

There is only one cinema in Zrenjanin, which runs periodically. Our projectors are repaired in 2013, and the film program takes place in two halls, large and small. In addition to commercial films, cycles of different national cinemas are presented in collaboration with foreign cultural centers and embassies. We represent and broadcast retrospectives of some film festivals, as well.

We organize lectures, debates, book presentations, workshops, seminars and roundtables within the debate program. The lectures deal with the topics of social and natural sciences, and the lecturers are eminent experts in their fields of science. The main goal is to present the results of the latest developments in the various fields of creativity and science to all citizens.

The concept of the exhibition program is consistent with the lack of adequate space in which the exhibition is realized. Therefore, we are oriented to the exhibitions of photographs, posters, drawings, and we strive to present the works of the well known artists, but also those who are unrecognized, as well as art workshops attendees. Seven years ago, in collaboration with the author of the project mr Milutin Mićić and Contemporary Gallery, we implemented the international Art Salon 30x30.

In the past 10 years, KCZR was the publisher of 16 titles of drama pieces for children, poetry, contemporary prose, up to theoretical studies. From 2006. to 2009, we published a children's magazine Zdravo as well. We published five issues of international comic magazine Stripolis, which was proclaimed as one of the best comic magazines in Serbia by the critics. We have produced 13 music CDs, and also The Kult Plus TV show for 6 years.

A significant part of the programs at the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin are created in collaboration and co-organized with our partners in public, NGOs and private culture sectors (CEKOM, the Office for Youth, "Josif Marinkovic" Music School, SAKUD, KUD Pionir, Banathardcore Cooperative, UA Zrenajnin, Zeleno Zvono Theatre club...). KCZR provides service and its resources to all organizations and individuals interested in implementing their own programs.

Consumers of our services and programs might be all citizens of the city of Zrenjanin, The Central Banat County and all the guests and tourists visiting our city. After The Dom Mladosti had changed its name to the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin, we adjusted program concept for all age structures. Our audience is very heterogeneous, such as school children, art associations, amateur associations, informal groups...

The advantages of our institution are: an attractive location in the downtown, near the city lake; openness to cooperation with all the stakeholders in the cultural and social scene and the uniqueness of diversity of programs in the city of Zrenjanin.

The vision of KCZR and its strategic development is focused on becoming the leading cultural institution in The Central Banat County, technically equipped, staffed and becoming a part of a wider cultural network. In order to accomplish this vision, we expect close cooperation with The City Administration (our founder), with all stakeholders at the local cultural scene, primary and secondary schools, and socially responsible business entities.

Strategic directions and priority objectives of KCZR in the future are:

- Encouragement and promotion of cultural creativity in all forms and within all creative groups;

- Continuous work on the creation of new cultural audience;

- Capacity building through human resources improvement and technical modernization;

- Modernization and strengthening labor institutions to higher levels of self-sufficiency;

- Functional, aesthetic and building security renovations of KCZR;

- Networking with similar institutions on the cultural scene.

Cultural Center of Zrenjanin has supported The Development Strategy Of Cultural Development Of The City Of Zrenjanin and actively participated in its elaboration and the implementation. By the decree of The City Council of the city of Zrenjanin from 11. 11. 2010, our city joined the "Agenda 21" in order to create the conditions for engaging in the development of culture, promotion of knowledge and quality of life for all citizens. Our institution participates in the development of the Local Action Plan for Youth in 2015.